About BSC

The Bordeaux Sake Challenge is proud to judge and reward the world’s best sake. Assessed by industry leading judges (all Certified, Advanced and Master Sake Sommeliers), the Bordeaux Sake Challenge medals are a mark of quality, helping your sake stand out in an increasingly competitive market. A focused and rigorous tasting process ensures your sake will receive the time, attention, and care it deserves. With press coverage from all around the world and numerous success stories, the Sake Challenge medals are increasingly a key to an expanded presence domestically and internationally.

Taking place in one of the world’s foremost wine capitals, The Bordeaux Sake Challenge was a ground-breaking event which saw the blind-tasting of more than 40 wines from both Japan and France. The event took place at the prestigious INSEEC Grande Ecole on 24th October 2021 and was led by sake sommeliers and Sake Educator at  Otsukimi, Chloe Cazaux Grandpierre.